Girls Fighting Each Other

Usually it is quite rare to watch university girls fighting each other but this incident happened in a government university. The video of the incident was shared on social media by some of the girls who were witnesses of the incident. It looks quite strange when this type of incident happened in any institute as the students are supposed to only study there.

Mostly private funded universities have many restrictions on the activities in the premises as the officials do not want to comprise on their institute’s reputation. Even some of the private institutes have the same kind of environment as students faced during their schooling time. They might not be allowed to roam around while their class lecture is on.

The recent incident of female students fighting each other happened in a government institution. There was color day going on and all the girls were clad in beautiful dresses so that they all have fun. Every student seemed to enjoy their time sitting and standing in a group of friends. But some of the girls started to tease each other’s just to have fun.

Most of the university students are mature enough to understand the fact that the study institutions are not the place to misbehave. But those couple of girls teased a female student just for the sake of fun. The same girl who was being teased by the others students behaved for a moment and did not react to what she was being taunted.

But after some time all the girls of the university started to gather at the point to see what was going on. So that lady who being teased, could not bear at any more and started to respond in the same way. That led to both the girls to start beating each other and abusing each other. The matter was handled by the friends of both the girls. Management took the notice and fined both of them for their shameful act.

Girls Fight

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