Giant Anaconda Swallows Female Tourist

Tourist was shocked when a huge anaconda attacked her and tried to swallow it. The female lady did not expect such thing from the reptile and was also surprised to see it darting at her. Her friend who was also accompanying her stopped her from doing that but she didn’t listen to her. Her friend also made some recording of the incident that was really shocking for the whole world as well.

Video of tourist getting attacked by the reptile was known to the public as some species that had history of squeezing it enemy. This was the same kind of incident when another man wanted to make a documentary about the force of anaconda that it exerted on its enemy. That anaconda too almost squeezed the young man who went there closer to the reptile just to make video of it.

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That man had all the protection so that he could save himself from the attack of the anaconda. The moment that anaconda found that man closer to itself; it started to swallow and squeeze him with all the force that it had. His all friends who were making documentary on the force of the anaconda and the life of the reptile kept on talking to him.

Male tourist at that time kept on talking to his friends who were also analyzing the force on their laptops. The moment it went beyond the capacity of the man who was in the strangle hold of the anaconda; he started to shout for the help so that he could be saved from the attack of the anaconda. That reptile had exerted so much pressure on the body that the man shouted and called for help.

Recent video of tourist getting closer to the reptile that was huge anaconda was seen by lots of people and they all condemned the attack of the reptile. They all suggested her not to do that silly thing again with the reptile. That lady was rescued from the strange hold of the anaconda and the lady thanked the men who did that job.

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