Furious Shark Shocks Tourist Girls At Beach

Furious shark shocked the tourist girls at the beach when they both were relaxing on the bank of the beach near the sea. Both of them were relaxing while their other friends were also hanging around but they were not present there near the sea. A shocking sound under the water from the sea jolted them and scared them.

That shark sounded something scary to both of the tourist girls and they could not see it until it came out of the water of the sea and tried to catch their legs which were in the water. One of the ladies was lucky enough to get escape from the sudden attack from the sea. Tourist girls got up from their place and started running but then it attacked again and broke the wooden area where they were sitting.

Tourist girls did not know how to run out of the dangerous area of the sea where all the fishes got together and tried to attack them. The incident looked to be part of the bollywood movie but it was so thrilling that the viewers got hooked to their video. Some of the viewers felt really bad for the girls and they did not want them in trouble at the beach near the sea.

Shark attack was the surprising incident that ever happened near the sea on the beach. The tourist girls tried their hard and got succeeded by reaching at the safe place on the beach far away from the sea but they were really amazed that the fish followed them on the dry part of the sea as well.

Dangerous shark was seen by the tourist girls when it jumped out of the sea and tried bite the legs so that it could make it the meal. The girl managed to pick the stone that was placed near her and she hit with all the power to the face of the fish animal that almost ate her leg. They thanked the God for saving their lives.

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