Fish Rain Happens in Thailand

Fish Rain Happens in Thailand. Animal walked headless in Africa and the people who had come there to visit the zoo amazed them. They captured the moments with their mobile phone and shared the video of that headless camel on the social media. That incident was so surprising that all the people who were present there got into a shock at the start but later on they just got used to it.

That animal was camel and had been kept there in the zoo in the Africa for many months but this time it shocked everybody. Same sort of incident also happened in the subcontinent when another came was seen and it also did not have any head when the people got to see it with their eyes. All the visitors who visited that safari park in Africa went closer to that camel then they realized that it was not headless.

Visitors went closer to that camel in Africa then they realized that it was their misconception and it was not headless camel. It had tilted its head towards its back while moving forward. They all got relaxed it a bit and certainly they started to laugh at their misjudgment. However they saved that video of that so called headless camel in their phone and later uploaded the video of Africa on the social media.

The animal channel also showed that funny video of headless camel on their channel but later on they showed the other side of the camel as well. That channel of Africa was also watched in so many countries. The video of that headless camel was liked by so many kids on the internet as well. The producer of the channel in Africa was also laughing after watching the other side of the camel.

Such animal video has been shared by the visitor who visited the zoo in Africa since the safari park of Africa was quite famous all over the world. Camel without head was the most interesting news that went viral on that day in Africa.

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