Film Actress of India Recites Quran

Media aired indecent scenes in the drama on the private entertainment channel that were reported by the viewers. The lady hugged the hero of the drama despite of the fact that it was a family entertainment channel. The scenes and the dialogues were so immoral that the viewers had to complain them to the regulation authority since they could not watch the drama with family members.

Content of media on that private entertainment channel had been very decent until that drama was shown by the owner of the entertainment channel. The actress that played the role of the friend of the heroine liked the hero of the drama. That lady started to hug the hero of the drama. People really got angry on the scene that was aired.

The scene was not the only thing that was complained rather the dialogues were very immoral that the viewers had to switch on the channels to the different channels. The drama was so interesting but such dialogues and the scenes really made the owner of the entertainment channel to apologize to everybody.

Media has shown such content since there has been a competition between the entire private entertainment channel and the news channel. The morning shows have also been very vulgar as the ladies and the gents could not continue watching with their family members. The clip was shared on the social media so that the official regulation authority could watch it and ban such content.

Media link was shared on the internet by some of the people who have been raising the voices against the immoral and indecent acts that have been shown by the entertainment channel. Viewers could not believe that such drama was shown in the country since they were asked to show only decent content and drama on the entertainment channel.

Sushmita Reciting Quran

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