Female Tourist Attacked by Giant Anaconda

Tourist got attacked by Anaconda when it tried to go closer to it. She tried be to smart by playing with the huge reptile. That anaconda just darted at it and in just few seconds it just swallowed the whole body of the lady. Anaconda has been the deadly reptile of the wild life and was known to have strong capacity of squeeze its enemy.

Incident of tourist getting swallowed by the reptile of the wild life was so shocking for everybody that they could not believe it. The lady was lucky enough as the help reached there in time and the people who had trained with the reptiles and the animals for the sake of stunts, helped her get out of the strangle hold of the deadly reptile.

Many other people who were sitting next to this reptile made an effort to rescue her from the anaconda. The incident was recorded courtesy the video that was made by one of the friends of her. That friend stopped her from getting closer to the huge anaconda but she never listened to her. The girl who became the victim of that reptile had lots of interest in the wild life.

The news of Tourist getting attacked by the anaconda was known to the media as well that reached there in time. The shocking video was shared on the social media and on the internet as well. Many news channels showed the video on the private animal planet channel as well. All the people who had watched the video said that the lady should not have done that just for the take of pleasure.

That tourist in the past had done some shocking acts in the documentaries that were made in the wild life. She never had any trouble while making documentaries for the channel since she has also worked for different channels. That anaconda was then treated by the people who rescued that lady from the attack of reptile.


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