Famous Leg Spinner Starts bowling Fast

Famous leg spinner started bowling fast and stunned every one with his speed in the test cricket when he played against Indian in the country of Pakistan. Such bowling was watched by lots of people and the cricket expert could not believe that he could bowl that fast in the international test cricket. The video has been watched lots of time on the internet and liked very much by the spectators.

Bowling of leg spinner amazed the whole world. Shahid Afridi was the man who amazed the whole world since it has seen fast bowlers bowling leg spin but never sighted such thing in the international test cricket. It was the most surprising thing that was done in the international cricket. He did not only bowl fast but swung the ball both ways too.

Shahid Afridi got all his fame through the batting and his style of celebration in the shorter format of the cricket but the recent video that became quite popular was his fast bowling which he started against Indian in Pakistani ground. Test cricket was not the type of cricket that Shahid Afridi enjoyed the most. He has been enjoying in the shorter form of the sport.

The fast leg spinner had been coming up with different attractive styles but he surprised his team mates too when he asked his captain to let him bowl fast bowling in the test match cricket. That pitch had swing and juice in the pitch and Pakistan cricket team had played him for his spin bowling. However due to the pitch conditions in the test cricket Shahid Afridi asked the captain to give him the ball.

Leg spinner becoming fast bowler in the test match cricket was something very new for the people who loved this test cricket. They never had witness any leg spin bowler to bowl at that very fast pace. He was very sharp even his bouncers looked to be very dangerous for the Indian batsmen in the test cricket. They too were really amazed with the skill of Shahid Afridi.

Fast Bowling by Afridi

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