Emergency Plane Landing Happens in Sea

Emergency Plane Landing Happens in Sea. Plane crash almost happened with the dancing girls as they nearly collided with it while it had a low flight back on the run way. The girls were quite happy near the airport run way and they all were having fun and enjoying their party. The dancing girls were very busy in their dance party that they never noticed that a flying machine was getting closer to them.

The small plane got very close to the dancing girls as it almost had a collision with them. They realized this thing when it almost flew over their heads and landed just few yards on the run way. That was the most terrible land of the jet they had ever witnessed. The video of the landing of the jet showed that none of the girls had any clue at all.

Normally jets have landed quite safely near the runway and nobody could see the flight of it that closely as the dancing girls did. The video of that incident was recorded by one of the tourist who also happened to be present at that place. Although he never knew that he was going to capture some amazing and strange scene in his camcorder.

The plane could be seen in the video clip when all the dancing girls came out of their car and started to dance together. A nearby tourist thought of recording the video of the lovely dance of the girls. He suddenly saw a jet coming towards them nearing the dancing girls. The tourist was quite surprised to see some big giant machine coming closer.

The plane was as close as it was about land on the dancing girls. Suddenly the pilot managed to keep it above at some distance from the dancing girls and safely landed it at the run way. All the girls realized how close they were to the get. They all were so shocked to see that huge jet.

Emergency Landing of Plane

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