Embarrassing Moment for Morning Show Host

Morning Show has been quite popular among the ladies and for the people who have not been to their work. A female host was embarrassed when she along with her guest including actors and actresses was dancing on some musical songs. All went quite good and actors and actresses were having fun by dancing on the songs.

Females liked that morning show quite a lot as it was being hosted by one of their favorite female host Shaista Lodhi. She has been top female host and had conducted many morning programs on different channels before. Before that program she never had any moment in her show where she had to face embarrassment.

After having some discussions with the guests which were also from the showbiz industry, they all wanted to have some fun and the director of the program started to play some music in the background and they all were asked to dance so that the viewers could have some enjoyment as well. As one of the guests brought some stuff in the plate, it just fell down and perhaps it had water in it.

The morning show host Shaista Lodhi did not know that it could be slippery on the carpet on the floor. As she was dragged by some of the actors and actresses to dance, she reached at the same point where it was slippery and due to that slippery place, she got slipped and fell down. She could not believe that she was on the floor while she had to be on the dancing floor.

That morning show which was supposed to be the entertaining for the female host Shaista Lodhi turned out to be the embarrassing program for her. Her guest took her up when she was on floor. Luckily she did not get herself injured and got recovered pretty soon. The video of that embarrassing moment for the host was quite entertaining for all the viewers as well.

Image Source : www.superstarskclu.blogspot.com

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