Drama Actress Wears Transparent Dress

Drama actress that acted in the private entertainment channel wore transparent dress in a drama that raised so many questions. Viewers watched that scene of the private channel and they really wondered about the dress code that has been used in the showbiz industry. The recent video clip of the private channel showed the dressing of the lady that exposed her body parts.

Actress wore the dress that was so transparent that it seemed like as if she was wearing it intentionally and the scene was reported by many viewers when they complained against the private entertainment channel. With the induction of the private entertainment channel males and females acting in the dram, have been wearing quite bold dresses and nobody has taken any action against them.

According to the viewers it was so indecent that they had to dislike it and ask the person to switch the channel. Such dresses of the people who have been acting in the showbiz industry have forgotten that they have been living in a Muslim country but nobody took care of the religion. Such people who belonged to the showbiz industry tried to be too moderated.

Actress kept on walking in the room in the scene that was taken out of the drama that was aired on the private entertainment channel. The dressing of that lady of the showbiz industry projected a moderate dressing that has been unacceptable in the normal daily routine. Viewers who had watched that clip through the social media had condemned it and asked to the officials of the Government to control such incidents.

Female actress seemed to belong to a decent family but for the sake of getting fame in the showbiz industry she had to use those tactics of brining modernization in her dressing. The private entertainment channel also did not censor the scene since they had the views that such modern techniques reflected the society.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/8QafW

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