Dog in Thailand Saves Baby

Dog in Thailand saved baby from the dump site when it was roaming around the streets of the country. The smart animal was kept as a pet animal by a lady who just lived nearby to that dump site of the city. This was the most amazing incident that attracted lots of people from all over the country. The news was known to everybody when the baby was taken to the hospital.

People of Thailand were also amazed at the parents of the baby who threw him in the plastic bag. The baby was then taken to the hospital where the doctors had started to give medical assistance to the newly born baby. The animal was the dog that was kept as the pet animal. It just took the bag of plastic with its mouth and dropped in front of the owner of the house.

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The lady who kept that dog as pet animal came out of the apartment and was amazed to see that bag in the mouth of the dog. She started to open it up and was so scared to see the small newly born baby inside the plastic bag. She called her friend who took that baby out of that plastic bag and they both were shocked to see that he was still alive.

Hospital of Thailand was the place where that baby was taken for the initial first aid. Doctors confirmed that he was alive and being taken care. Medical staff of that hospital was also surprised at the pet animal and also at the parents of the baby who threw the baby in the plastic bag. They were thinking about the parents of that baby.

Media of Thailand also highlighted the issue to the public so that they could reach to the parents of that baby who was found by the pet animal dog.

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