Doctors Experiment of Human Soul

Doctors experimented human soul with the help of the experimental instruments. The experiment was carried out in the laboratory where the lady was asked to sit in the separate room. The lady was also told by the staff nurses about the experiment that they all wanted to carry out. That incident was also being recorded with the camera that was also placed in the room.

Doctors wanted to see the human soul through the infrared lights that were thrown on the lady through the wires and other instruments. They all really shocked to see the human soul coming out of the body of that female and traveling in the room. The surprising incident was also dreadful for the whole staff nurses as well.

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The video was something scary for the whole world when people from different parts of the world were able to see the real human soul coming out of the body of that lady and it was seen quite clearly traveling in the room in which that lady was sitting. The scariest moment came when they all watched three faces hitting the glass window of that room that scared the whole bunch of group of ladies and men.

Doctors and the staff nurses got afraid to see the visible human soul in the other room while the lady was sitting motion less on the chair. The whole video looked to be part of the horror movie but it was reported to be the live video of the incident. Human soul experiment was the first one of its own and it was planned earlier but nobody was able to execute it properly.

Those doctors and the staff nurses who carried the experiment on the human soul planned it for many months so that they could watch the natural human soul in the body of the alive human. The whole experiment was supposed to be carried out on the lady who agreed before opting for the experiment. People rejected that documentary on the human soul as they believed that video to be the part of the horror movie and they said there was not any reality in that experiment.

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