Doctors Analyze To See Human Soul

Doctors analyzed to see human soul traveling in the room when they along with the staff nurses experimented on a lady to find out the appearance of the human soul. That incident was planned by all of the people standing in the other room in front of the room where a lady was attached with the infra red rays and wires.

Doctors always were curious of the fact that how the human soul was looked like to the human eye. The experimented was carried out on a lady who agreed with all the people and the historical analysis started when they all watched it from the window of the room where the experiment was carried on the young lady.

The incident of that human soul was so interesting and surprising since they all got scared when the three faces hit the window while that lady was sitting on the same chair. At the start of the experiment that lady kept on sitting on the chair and all the other people stood in the next room attached that room where the experiment was being carried out and all the instruments were placed there.

Doctors did not have any idea of how that human soul looked like but sooner they realized when they saw a whitish appearance coming out the body of that lady and started to travel in the whole room. That experiment became so threatening when the electricity started to switch on and off and after the sometime three faces that looked like scary ones hit the window from where all the experiment was being watched.

Doctors did not expect such terrifying thing in the room and the staff nurses also looked confused throughout the experiment. That video was being recorded by the CCTV camera that was also attached to the room. Some people did not believe on the entire report and experiment of the human soul since they said that it was a scene of the scary movie and did not have any reality in it.

Human Soul Experiment

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