Dhoni Fans Get Jealous of Shahid Afridi Power

Dhoni fans got jealous of Shahid Afridi power hitting in West Indies when he smashed a quick hundred on that tough pitch. He treated all the bowler of Australia as if they did not deserve to be at international level. Shahid Afridi kept on coming down the track to all the bowlers and kept on hitting huge hits in the test match played in West Indies ground.

Dhoni has been considered as one of the power hitter of Indian cricket team and he had showed it to the cricket fans that he could hit the ball hard even in the test matches too. His fans really started to get jealous from the Pakistani all rounder Shahid Afridi when he also showed the people his power by hitting huge sixes in test match.

Shahid Afridi did not spare any of the fast bowlers that were trying to ball quick on the difficult pitches of West Indies. They had even bounce and it was very difficult for the new batsman to get himself settled in that tough situation. He kept on coming and dancing down the track nullifying the swing and seem of the ball many times. Shahid Afridi made his century on just 78 balls.

Dhoni had played many shots that were difficult to play in test matches but he was liked by so many cricket fans for his this ability to hit sixes to the fast bowlers. Although he did not have any famous century in the country of West Indies yet he was known as the most dependable player in India.

Shahid Afridi made Dhoni fans jealous as he showed his skill with the bat while facing the fast bowlers.
West Indies fast bowlers were getting smashed as the all rounder did not mind coming down and lifting them up with his power. His power hitting on the pitches of West Indies was something very jealous for the Indian fans.

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