Darren Sammy Gives Emotional Interview

Darren Sammy gave emotional interview after the win last night. The emotional interview won the hearts of the cricket fans all around the world and they all really felt for the West Indies players. He could not stop thanking all the supporters who loved their cricket. The players of West Indies and coaching staff were all respected the words of the Captain after the win.

Darren Sammy started to describe the tough times they had to bear during their world cup campaign. He said that he was really disappointed by the support of his own board. The interview was watched by so many supporters all around the country and the whole cricketing world. He was the main man behind the confidence of the team.

Many other former players were also associated with the West Indies cricket team that won the cricket world cup last night. The captain was also liked a lot by the supporters in Pakistan since he was the key members of the Peshawar Zalmi cricket team. The owner of the Peshawar Zalmi, Javed Afridi has also been very supportive to the captain of the West Indies behind the success in world cup.

Darren Sammy was supposed to have taken twenty thousand dollars prize money from the owner of Peshawar Zalmi for the brilliant effort and spirit of cricket in the world cup. The captain also said that he did not know the future of the West Indies cricket team whether he was about to be selected for the one day internationals or not but he was going to enjoy the world cup victory in the night.

Spirit of Darren Sammy was quite high since he was backed up by the whole West Indies team. He said that all the players were very united under his captaincy and everyone joined the team effort to lift the world cup. He said that the fifteen members and the coaching staff were the real champions of the cricket world cup.

Darren Sammy Emotional Interview

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