Dangerous Cow Surprises World After Sacrifice

Dangerous Cow Surprises World After Sacrifice when it was taken for the sacrifice on the event of Eid festival. The incident surprised and amazed everyone since it laid down on the floor as the owner and the butcher wanted to slaughter it for the Eid festival. People said that they were watching the stuff for the first time on the event of Eid.

The cow bent down and then laid down and voluntarily offered it self for the sacrifice. The video was captured by the relative of the owner of the animal who was also present there at that place. It was so amazing to see such an animal to understand the language of the human.

Some people said that the animal was being brought up by the owner and it has made the animal to understand the gestures of the man. The sacrifice went viral on the social media and it was watched by many people on the internet. People watched it since it was the rare video of the sacrifice. Other videos on  the internet were uploaded due to the different reactions on the event of sacrifice.

In an incident a cow kicked the owner badly and it hurt him that much the owner never liked to go near that animal again.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/hg7Uz 

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