Dance of Asmara Afridi on Baby Doll Song Surprises Fans

Dance of Asmara Afridi, daughter of Shahid Afridi surprised the fans and they started to love her more. The innocent looks on the face of the little angel started dancing but she did not know how to dance properly. The video was shared on the social media by the family members of the captain of Pakistan cricket team.

Asmara Afridi went through a minor operation a day ago. Supporters of Shahid Afridi started to pray a lot for the little girl who has been the highlight of the Pakistan super league. Daughters of Shahid Afridi got attention by all the fans who were watching the cricket league and also by the players of different countries who had come there to play the league.

The little girl was supposed to have operation of her teeth which were not in good condition. Her picture got the attention of social media when someone posted her photo right from the hospital bed. Her operation went successfully and the father of that little angel thanked all the fans on the social media. Shahid Afridi was very grateful for the prayers after the successful surgery of the teeth.

Asmara Afridi danced some years back. The video was shared on the social media lately and was liked and watched by so many people. Baby doll song got viral when the female actress of India got to the scene of showbiz industry. The little angel did not know the steps of the dance properly but she seemed to have enjoyed a lot during the song.

Asmara Afridi surprised her parents by her smart act by switching off the TV when she got to know that the Adhan was taking place. It was said that the voice in the end that was heard of her mother. Wife of Shahid Afridi has been seen only in veil and it was quite rare to see her with the captain of Shahid Afridi.

Asmara Afridi Dance on Baby Doll Song

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