Dajjal Preparation Shocks the World

Dajjal preparation shocked the whole world when the video of some Muslim Scholars was shared on the social media. Those Muslim Scholars have quoted the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The signs of the arrival of that devil have been shown in some countries despite of the fact that they have been the Muslim countries as well.

Dajjal arrival in some countries have been in progress as their officials have not disclosed such secrets but their signs of the buildings and some other signs have been giving the idea of what they have been preparing. The Muslim Scholars said that according to the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the devil has been caught with the chain and his legs have been locked with shackles.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/Eqj3h

The video clip that has described many countries preparing for the arrival of it was watched and shared by so many people who still believe in the religion of Muslim community. According to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), that master was supposed to come in the sea and it might come to occupy the city of Medina.

Dajjal shall be forced to stay outside Medina and he might encamp there and might call his seventy Thousand followers who did not have belief in God. The Muslim scholars said that the signs of arrival of that devil have been shown in different countries. The video documentary had proved that some of the countries likes of Kazakhstan have built tall buildings.

The appearance of Dajjal might come in the sea but nobody knew which part of the sea it shall have his appearance. The Muslim Scholars have shown many pictures of Saudi Arabia as well. According to them they have also built a tall building so that they could welcome at the arrival of the devil. That place has been named as Kingdom palace but according to the local residents, they have named it as devil building.

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