Cricketers Get Exposed by TV Anchor

Cricketers including Umer Akmal and Kamran Akmal were exposed by the TV anchor Kamran Khan. He showed the short documentary on both the brothers that how to kept on under performing for the cricket Pakistan. The video showed the miss stumping chances and dropped catches by both Kamran Akmal and Umer Akmal.

Both cricketers have represented Pakistan many times in the international matches. Although nobody had any doubt in their talent but they never looked like playing cricket for their country with their hearts. TV anchor showed a documentary about the little brother as well. It was shown that Umer Akmal made a lame excuse while playing for the national side.

Umer Akmal was fully fit before the match that was going to be started the next day. The little brother got to know about his brother Kamran Akmal that he was not being included in the side. Umer Akmal then made an excuse that he was not feeling well and pulled out just before the match started. The team management of the Pakistan cricket team was also very surprised to know about the injury.

Cricketers who were playing in the final eleven were also amazed to see that how could the little Umer Akmal pull out of the match when it was supposed to be started. The physio therapist of the team also showed some concerns about the fake injury.

Injury of cricketers just before the start of the play could not be known to the team management including the captain of the Pakistan cricket team. An inquiry was held to know that if one of the brothers Umer Akmal was pretending to be injured while the medical report showed that there was no injury to him. Kamran Akmal also said that he did not know any thing about the injury of his brother.

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