Cricketer Shahid Afridi Gets Warm Welcome

Cricketer Shahid Afridi got warm welcome at the international airport and the news about his reception at airport getting treated badly was a lie. He was treated with real support by his fans who kept on calling Boom Boom. Afridi was quite happy with the way his fans treated him and they wanted to meet him but he had security with him who did not let other people to come and meet him.

Cricketer cum Captain of the Pakistan cricket team was supposed to have spent holidays in Dubai. He had come from Dubai after couple of days after relaxing. News of his arrival got viral earlier but that was not a true one. The real video of the airport was shared lately when he was seen getting received by many supporters who started chanting in his favor.

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Dubai has been the country where lots of cricket players have been going to relax so that they could get some days out of cricket. The recent performance of the team players disappointed the whole nation but the individual performance of captain was impressive. It was said that before going to Dubai he was about to come back to his home country directly.

Cricketer who has been loved by so many people all over the world decided to delay his scheduled come back to the country since he was not feeling comfortable. Other players did not stay at Dubai for recreation since they were missing their own homes. After their arrival they were treated with shouts of losers. People were really disappointed at their performance in the world cup.

Another cricketer who did not disappoint the nations was the left arm fast bowler Muhammad Amir who tried his best to win the games for the nation and Pakistan. He did not want to relax in Dubai. People at airport treated him differently as compared to other players. They all were giving him respect at airport.

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