Cricketer Azhar Mahmood Reminds Javed Miandad Six

Cricketer Azhar Mahmood reminded Javed Miandad six when Surrey needed eight runs on just six balls. His other partner got out in the last over but he was batting till the match of the county championship was over. The all rounder missed a ball on fourth and fifth deliveries but on the last ball he managed to hit the full toss to the mid wicket boundary for a six that went just over the head of the fielder in the county championship match.

Cricketer Azhar Mahmood remained there in the middle for his team surrey. He tried to hit boundaries as they needed to score eight runs in the last over. He kept on trying to hit sixes but could not have a contact with the ball. The bowling side including the bowler thought that they had won the match as Surrey had to score six on the last delivery to remain in the county championship.

Pakistani all rounder have been playing for Surrey team for many months and they had belief that if the all rounder remained there till the last delivery then he might finish it up and win it for the team. That match was one of the sensational matches of the county championship. During the match the all round cricketer played some shots but it just took him just singles or doubles.

Cricketer Azhar Mahmood had that six of Javed Miandad in mind when the legendary batsman hit a six on the last delivery in Sharjah cricket ground. At that moment Pakistan needed only four runs on the last delivery but this time around Surrey Team was required to score maximum six runs to win the match. It was amazing delivery that took the attention of the commentators and the crowd.

Hit of cricketer Azhar Mahmood went over the fielder that was almost at the edge of the boundary rope. As the ball was hit on the full toss, everybody including supporters and the crows stood on their seats and kept on standing until the Surrey Team had won it after the ball had gone over the boundary. Amazing Scene were seen in the county championship.

Last Ball Six by Azhar Mahmood

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