Cricketer Afridi Gets Real support at Airport

Cricketer Afridi got real support at airport when he came back from Dubai. Before that the news were circulating about his arrival earlier but that news was came up as a fake one. The latest leaked video revealed that people started chanting slogans of Boom Boom at his arrival. They wanted to tell him that he was the real player of the Pakistani team who kept on fighting for the nation in the ground.

All round cricketer had become the heart beat of the nation back at home due to his style of batting and bowling. His celebration style has also become quite popular all over the world. The earlier news when a news channel reported him to be treated badly at airport after arrival from Dubai was false. The latest news that was leaked on social media showed that people still loved him at airport.

These days the media channels have been trying to cross in ratings and in the mean time they have been seen doing fake reporting. The leaked video showed that he was the real man who still has lots of love and fans in Pakistan. Such reception at airport after spending holidays in Dubai was quite satisfied for the all rounder.

Pakistani cricketer who was not in real form with the bat and ball in the whole world cup could not impress the people but he looked to give his hundred percent in all the matches. He got the same sort of response at Indian airport when he along with other players went there for the world cup matches. they had also gone there through Dubai international airport.

Such fame of cricketer has not been less than a blessing by the Almighty. It was observed that he was the only person who has been cherished all over the world. Another player of the Pakistani cricketer was not treated badly was Muhammad Amir. He was also welcomed with open heart by the people at airport.

Real Video of Shahid Afridi At airport

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