Cricket World Record by Shahid Afridi

Cricket world record equaled by Shahid Afridi after the New Zealand bowler hit him on his shoulder. It did hurt him big time but the team doctor came in the ground to have some spray. Shahid Afridi then just took his revenge to the bowler by equaling the world record of fastest fifty in the ground of New Zealand. All the Pakistan cricket team players really appreciated the effort as he scored fifty on just 19 balls.

That cricket world record was equaled by the all rounder of Pakistan cricket team when it rained of sixes in New Zealand. All the spectators really enjoyed the innings of Shahid Afridi. They all knew that the former captain of Pakistan cricket team had all the talent to amaze the people who were in the stadium to get entertained.

Their entertainment was fulfilled when Shahid Afridi got hurt on the shoulder. The bowler of New Zealand bowled a full toss that hit him directly on the shoulder. Everybody thought that the batsman might leave and get retired hurt but he proved to be a tough man in a situation where he had to score quick runs too.

The current cricket world record of fastest 50 has been still held by the batsman of New Zealand who smashed the cricket ball all over the park. It was said that the boundaries of New Zealand were small therefore it was easy for any player to score that quickly. They had their views that if it was some other country and the grounds were huge then it was impossible to score 50 on just 14 balls.

Surprising cricket world record was shared and watched by every cricket fans. The video got viral on the social media. Cricket experts believed that the batting form of Pakistani all rounder in New Zealand was excellent and the pitches there also helped him achieving those 50 runs on just 19 balls.

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