Cricket World Record of Fastest Fifty

Cricket world record of fastest fifty was equaled when Shahid Afridi got hurt on the shoulder by the full toss of New Zealand cricket bowler. He really belted all the bowlers and got his fifty on just nineteen balls. At that time fastest fifty by any player was off nineteen deliveries but afterwards that that fastest fifty was made by one of the New Zealand batsman.

Cricket world record was earlier made by the other batsman but Pakistani all rounder had equaled another one. The first one that he made was of fastest century that he scored on just thirty seven deliveries. He only played that match for the second time in the international cricket. It was the second score that got the attention of the cricket fans in New Zealand.

Shahid Afridi was known to be pinch hitter but in that match he smashed all the sixes after he got hurt by the bowler of New Zealand. He equaled that fastest fifty when he came out to bat in the last five or six over. The bowlers and the captain of New Zealand might have never thought that they would get hit by the star all rounder for which he was famous for.

Amazing Cricket world record of the fastest hundred was held for almost eighteen years and then one of the finest batsmen of South Africa Team broke it. After Shahid Afridi got hurt he thought of achieving something big for his country Pakistan. He did not lose his nerves and kept on playing for the country. Nobody thought that the match would get that much interesting.

Fastest fifty cricket world record was then broken by another batsman of New Zealand who made it o just fourteen balls. That match was indeed a thriller against the West Indies cricket team.

Shahid Afridi 50 on 19 Balls

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