Cricket Players Get Reception by Abuses

Cricket players got reception at Lahore airport with abuses. People had gathered at Lahore airport when they got to know that the team players were arriving through the flight there. It was quite pathetic to see the team players getting this kind of treatment. Despite of poor performance of some individual players they should not have been treated like that.

Cricket Players performance of these team players were not up to the expectations of the nation and the supporters back at home in Pakistan. The supporters who have been supporting the Pakistani team through out could not bear such embarrassing defeat in the world cup. People wanted to see much more effort from the team players in the matches.

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Some of the players including Hafeez, Ahmed Shehzad, Shoaib Malik were thought to be under performing in the matches. They looked like as if they did not want the team to win and also they did not seem to see the captain of the Pakistan team Shahid Afridi to raise in the eyes of the all the people who loved him so much.

Pakistan cricket team was not supposed to arrive with all the players. It was informed that the captain of the Pakistani Team, Shahid Afridi stayed in Dubai and he was supposed to come later. The other team players did not have any other reason to delay their flight despite of the fact that they did not want to face the public who was quite angry at them.

Cricket players supporters in Pakistan has the reputation of giving respect to team players when they had performed well and played with lot of heart. This time around the scenes at the airport were quite embarrassing for all the players. It had happened in the past as well when Imran Khan used to play for the country.

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