Cricket Team Pakistan Reaches in World Cup

Cricket Team of Pakistan reached in the final of the World Cup. The news was shared on the private news channel that the Pakistani men have been allowed to participate in the final of the world cup by replacing West Indies. The news was quite shocking for the whole country and the world when they hear and watch the breaking news.

Cricket Team of Pakistan had lost in the world cup and failed to qualify for the semi finals of the world cup. The recent news of Men in Green getting permission to replace West Indies in the final was quite shocking and surprising for all the people. Some of the supporters of West Indies were also angry at the decision if it was true news.

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At the end of the news, the male and female anchors of the private news channel started to laugh and told the viewers that it was just fake news that was supposed to make viewers aware of April fool’s day. They said that people should be aware of that day when other people have been making fun courtesy that April fool.

Cricket Team mates were also laughing at the reporting of the news channel. Some of the members of the Pakistani men said that the channel should have been penalized for airing such fake news. At the end of the news, the laugh of the news channel reporters made them smile too.

West Indies Cricket team players were also laughing at their exit of the world cup final despite of their famous win in the semi final against India. Their players fought really hard and they truly deserved the victory for their hard work in the world cup. People on the name of first April have been fooling around other ones who were quite naive and did not remember to be aware of the situation.

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