Cricket Talent Gets Wasted in Pakistan

Cricket talent got wasted in Pakistan domestic when another left hander batsman impressed the fans all over the country with his brilliant hitting abilities. He scored 128 runs on just 62 balls and shocked everybody. The selectors also got to see the batting that had lots of sixes and boundaries in the domestic cricket match.

That cricket talent was given chance for couple of matches in the national team but despite of his satisfied performance he was dropped from the national team. Selector thereafter did not select him in the side. They said that some other players have been performing well so there was no place for Awais Zia in the side.

The selectors have been picking up players on the performances of domestic in the past but most recently it has not been the criteria for the national team selection. It has been said that some players have relations with the selectors so they were selected in the national team despite of poor performances.

Such cricket talent could have been in the national team if he was playing for some other country. Some of the fans said such players have been getting selected in the leagues and have been promoted by other boards but in Pakistan there has been no luck for cricketers like Awais Zia. Zia has been a hard hitting player and performed really well at the domestic level.

To promote cricket talent like Zia, selectors have to be very loyal with the national team selection. In the other countries hard hitting batsmen have been selected by the selectors for the leagues but in Pakistan such players have been wasted and they did not get the proper chances by the selectors in the national team. Chairman of board has taken strict action against those selectors when it was complained to him about the national team selection issue.

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