Cricket Star Hits 4 Sixes and 2 fours in 1 over

Famous Cricket Star of Pakistan team hit four huge sixes and two boundaries in a single over of the bowling of spinner of Sri Lanka. The bowler could not understand how to bowl a dot ball to the hitter Shahid Afridi. Boom Boom Afridi has got the fame for hitting sixes and boundaries and the fans really loved him for that innings against Sri Lanka.

Pakistani cricket star stunned spinner of Sri Lanka by hitting him 32 runs in his over. The leg spinner did not understand how to bowl him since Shahid Afridi was in full form. He smashed the first two deliveries of the bowling of spinner for boundaries. The crowd was expecting something big from the former captain and all rounder of the Pakistan cricket team.

Boom Boom Afridi did not disappoint them as he started to lift the ball off the bowling of that newly comer spinner out of the park. He started smashing the remaining ball over the boundary line for four huge sixes. Every player of the Sri Lanka team knew that Shahid Afridi was capable of hitting huge sixes since he also scored a world record century against them in Kenya.

The super cricket star of Pakistan played a quick fifty and entertained the whole crowd that had come to witness his huge shots. They already became great fans of Shahid Afridi. He had that ability of stunning the opposition and surprising them with big shots. It has happened with the Sri Lanka team as well. The disappointed spinner did not have any clue to stop the big hitting.

Such cricket star had great respect by the supporters and fans of him they all have been coming to the stadium just to see the hitting of Shahid Afridi. It was surprising to see in other matches when Shahid Afridi got out every supporter walked back to their homes as if they had come there not for Pakistan but only for Shahid Afridi.

Afridi 32 Runs in 1 Over

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