Cricket Players Get Reception From Nation

Cricket players got reception from the nation when the supporters of Shahid Afridi showed love for their hero by putting necklace of roses on the posters of him. The supporters of Shahid Afridi were very delighted with the performance of the cricketer while Umer Akmal was treated with tomatoes and eggs. The crowd had placed the posters of Shahid Afridi and Umer Akmal on the Walls.

Cricket has been the sport in Pakistan which was not attractive but since the arrival of Shahid Afridi people had started to watch it. The Real fame of the current cricketer increased when the captain smashed his first century on just thirty seven balls. Nobody knew that young boy who just arrive the international arena with his blistering know and surprised every one.

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Shahid Afridi has been the star of the nation for twenty years since he played all his sport just for the sake of the nation. He never changed his style of batting that was quite evident from his innings throughout his career. Due to that attractiveness of the captain who has become star, received lots of good gestures from the nation.

Pakistani cricket could have been on the top if all the players in the side had played with their hearts. Many of the players including Umer Akmal and Hafeez seemed to be playing some fixed games and they all tried to form a grouping inside the team. They all never wanted to win the games for the nation. With the performance of them it looked as if they deliberately wanted the team to lose and get an early exit from the world cup.

Shahid Afridi on the other hand never seemed to hang in there for his own position in the team. He always wanted to win the matches for the nation and the country.

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