Cricket Player Gives 48 Runs in Last Over

Pakistan cricket player gave away 48 runs in last over. The bowler gave away easy runs that made the whole nation and the captain of the team angry. The captain and the supporters were pretty assure about that team Australia would lose the match but one of the player who bowled the last over did not give his hundred percent and got the abuses from the supporters and the captain.

That cricket player who has been very popular among the supporters and the fans bowled very poorly that raised questions of match fixing. He has got the fame due to his batting as an opener but in that match he had to bowl the last over that consisted of 8 balls. The batsman Maxwell was on strike and he knew the lose deliveries would come to him.

Hong Kong has been hosting the tournament for quite some years and it has been successful tournament. Pakistan cricket team has been performing very well against Australia in the country of Hong Kong. They wanted to beat the mighty Australia and it looked very good on the cards until the bowler leaked away easy runs in the last over.

Cricket player would be remembered for his poor performance in the last over since he had to defend 48 runs against Maxwell. Glen Maxwell was practicing big hits in the nets and he knew that sooner of later he was going to get the boundary balls.

Famous cricket player did not only irritate the captain but the whole nation as well in the country of Hong Kong who had come there to support the whole team. They said that one of the bowler who bowled the last over in the Hong Kong super sixes tournament did not bowl with great heart. Maxwell was pretty happy after hitting the boundary on the last over. Australia team was also appreciating the real hitter.

Pakistani Player Leaks 48 Runs in 1 over

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