Cricket Official Gets Caught

Cricket Official of PCB got caught doing immoral acts in public the other day. Najam Sethi has been bearing the official office of the PCB but despite of the failure of the Pakistan team in the world cup, he has been found drinking late night. The video was leaked when it was recorded by one of the man present there.

Cricket Official was not in his sense when he hit his car on the road pole as well. The screen of the car of Najam Sethi was also broken. People had gathered there to help the old man. Nobody knew who was driving the car until they came closer to Najam Sethi who was holding a banned liquid in his hand. The other staff of the PCB had also reached there to investigate the issue.

Video Link :

Video was made by one of the media guy who had reported that incident when Najam Sethi was seen on the road holding a bottle. He did not care what was happening around him otherwise he must have thrown away the bottle. That incident was shared on social media and people got really angry on the act of the person of PCB.

Cricket Official head assured the public that they have asked the people to investigate the incident and also for the strict action against the responsible person. Najam Sethi was not alone in the car rather he was accompanied by other people as well who was also part of the PCB.

Such act of Cricket Official irritated the public who also were angry at the failure of the Pakistan cricket team’s dismal performance in the world cup. The video was not shard on the electronic media since the men in power did not want to have more shame in the PCB. The video has been uploaded on social media by so many people.

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