Cricket Official Act Becomes Shame for Nation

Indecent act of Cricket Official became the shame for the country when Najam Sethi was caught drinking and driving at public place. During that act he hit his car with some other vehicle. Other personal staff of the PCB had also reached at that place to help the Chairman of the Pakistan Super league. The leaked video of Najam Sethi raised so many questions about the requirement of the people who have been running PCB.

Cricket Official Najam Sethi has been hired by the Prime Minister of Pakistan and since his arrival in the PCB; he has ruined the cricket of Pakistan. Pakistan’s performance has declined from where it stood with the other top teams in the world. Current leaked video of Najam Sethi showed the real face of the people who have been in control of the PCB.

He was not only drinking the band stuff rather he hit his car with somebody else who had gone from there. The only mistake was that the other person was made that he did not look at Najam Sethi. He has been hired in PCB for the services as a chairman of the board but due to his controversies as a selected employee, he had been transferred to promote Pakistan super league.

The video of cricket official was also watched by the supporters of the Pakistan and they started to protest against the hiring of such people who did not respect the country. They said that such people had ruined the country politics and they should be ousted from PCB. The video showed clearly that Najam Sethi has been holding the bottle of banned substance in his hands.

Cricket Official was carrying the bottle and despite of the fact that other people were also there yet he did not care since he was not in his senses. Patron in chief of PCB has also taken notice of the incident that has cause so much shame to the country.

Cricket Board Official Gets Caught

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