Cricket Match Ends in Thriller

Cricket Match ended in thriller when South Africa played against West Indies in West Indies. The tourists were losing the match when they had to defend four runs in the last over. Nobody could expect anything surprising but the bowler had different thoughts. The West Indies cricket team players were sitting in the pavilion very relaxed.

Awesome cricket match was watched by the fans in the stadium that were supporting the home side West Indies but they did not know that the match could turn in the favor of the bowling side South Africa. The innings of the West Indies cricket team started pretty well and they continued the good work until last over arrived.

The last over of that amazing match went in favor of the bowling side. South Africa was almost losing it since they only had to defend 4 runs on 6 deliveries. They could not expect such sudden change in the sport. The bowler tried his hard to contain the batsmen and he got succeeded in doing that. South Africa won that match with one ball remaining and they won it with one run.

That was not the only cricket match that went to the last over, many videos have been shared on the social media which showed that there were thrillers that ended in the last over. Another last over thriller was between Australia and Zimbabwe and in that thriller the bowling side won it by one run. In that thriller Zimbabwe needed three runs on the last ball but they could only get one run.

Cricket match commentary was also so excited since South Africa and West Indies kept on trying to take away the game in the last over since West Indies seemed to be the winners but South Africa came up on the top by getting them out in the last over. The fast bowler bowled magnificently and deserved all the credit.

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