Cricket Match Becomes Thrilling Contest

Cricket match played in West Indies became thrilling contest when the West Indies needed only four runs in the final over of the match. The commentators and the supporters of West Indies were pretty confident that South Africa would lose the match comfortably. The last over turned the game into the hands of South Africa who stole the victory in the end.

That cricket match seemed to be one sided match since West Indies cricket team was winning it comfortably and all the players sitting in the pavilion also felt quite relaxed. The last over turned the situation of the match when South Africa had to defend less than four runs in the last over with West Indies had three wickets in their hands.

As the last over started the medium fast bowler of the South Africa team started to bowl some dot balls. In no time he got more two wickets. On the second last ball the batsman of the batting side needed two more runs with one wicket hand. It could have gone either way. The batting side had all the home advantage with them.

Thrilling cricket match seemed very interesting in the last over. More drama was expected by the fans that were supporting the home team. The supporters in the stadium were hoping against hope. The young talented medium fast bowler of the South Africa team needed one wicket to win the match that looked out of control at one moment.

Amazing cricket match turned out to be in favor of the touring side South Africa when the bowler hit the batsman of West Indies on his legs. The bowler went for the appeal and everybody expected it to be not out from the batting side. The bowling side had all hopes and they got it in their favor when the umpire raised his finger in favor of South Africa. West Indies lost it by 1 run.

Thrilling Last Over

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