Cricket History of Surprising 6 Runs Amazes People

Cricket history of surprising 6 runs amazed the fans of that sport when they just witness the amazing shot of the bowling of spinner of Sri Lanka that cost him six runs. In other words this was the smallest six that was ever hit by a wicket keeper batsman. The wicket keeper of Sri Lanka was the captain of their team and he could not complain it to the umpire.

Unique cricket history of sixes was made when the smallest six was hit by the Pakistani wicket keeper batsman Rashid latif. Despite of the fact that he could long sixes but on that time he did not have to hit a long shot. The wicket keeper batsman of Pakistan cricket team tried to sweep the ball off the bowling of the spinner so that he could take a run or too.

The ball just got big after hitting the bat of the wicket keeper batsman and went all over the head of the Sri Lanka wicket keeper. The keeper of Sri Lanka could not stop it since it was way above his head and he could not even have dived over it.

Cricket history involved a helmet that was placed right behind the wicket keeper of Sri Lanka. He had to place that helmet since he was the captain of the team too. They were using that helmet when the close fielders were in position. The close fielders were pushed backward since the Pakistani batsman started playing shots.

This cricket history of smallest six by the wicket keeper that went just close to the opposition wicket keeper shocked the fans over the whole world. The supporters of the Sri Lanka team could not complain against the signal of six runs by the umpire since it has been the rule that was made by the international cricket council.

Smallest Six of Cricket History

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