Cricket Fast Bowlers of Pakistan Surprise India

Cricket fast bowlers of Pakistan team, Junaid Khan and Muhammad Amir surprised India cricket team with their furious bowling against them. Both of them have been left arm players who have been performing really well for the country. India on the other hand has been irritating with their bowling since Muhammad Amir and Junaid Khan have caused many troubles to their batsmen.

Cricket fast bowlers of other countries did not have that ability to swing the ball both ways as Muhammad Amir and Junaid Khan had. Their brilliant movement off the pitch made life tough in the middle. The match that was remembered through the brilliant bowling of Junaid Khan was played in India where the ball was moving all over.

Junaid Khan took advantage of those swinging conditions and made early in roads towards the victory. Pakistan capitalized the conditions and achieved the required results. Other than Junaid Khan some other spinners also bowled really well. The main spinner of Pakistan team did not let any player to score on lose deliveries.

India had cricket fast bowlers but they did not know how to swing the ball even in the swinging conditions. Pakistan was able to generate pace from that track. Muhammad Amir did the same kind of performance when he got back in the team after the ban of five years. He still was swinging the ball very much.

Left arm cricket fast bowlers were not less than blessings of God. Muhammad Amir has been blessed by God since he did not lose his ability to swing both ways. India also cherished his performance in the middle. Some of the quick pacers of Pakistan could not sustain in the team since they did not have the ability to swing the ball. The captain was very happy with the comeback of Muhammad Amir. Junaid Khan has been sitting on the benches recently.

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