Cricket Fast Bowlers Cause Trouble

Cricket fast bowlers have been the assets of Pakistan team and with the introduction of two young blood players have really injected the confidence in the team. They have not been letting Indian batsmen settling in the middle. Junaid Khan and Muhammad Amir have stunned many times Indian cricket team and their supporters.

Those two cricket fast bowlers had really troubled the cricketers of India since they could not play the swing deliveries of Junaid Khan and Muhammad Amir. Junaid Khan swung the ball a long way when he played against India at their home grounds. In that match Pakistan was able to get the early break through courtesy Junaid Khan.

He swung the ball big time and brought back the ball to the right hander. One of the left hander of India played the wrong line and tried to play the ball towards leg side while the ball moved towards off stumps. He was then cleaned bowled by the bowler. The surprising addition to their lineup was the young batsman who could not impress the selectors.

Other than cricket fast bowlers Muhammad Irfan was another bowler who was bowling at very good pace in that match. He also was swinging the ball sharply. The movement of the pitch troubled the right hander and the left hander as well. Other than that match against India, Pakistan was lucky to have Muhammad Amir as a pacer too.

Two cricket fast bowlers including Muhammad Irfan caused real problem to the opposition. Muhammad Amir was another bowler who was also appreciated by the best batsman of India. Due to the swinging conditions he took the early wickets and made some hopes for Pakistan to win the match. Other than Muhammad Amir no one was able to put pressure.


Junaid Khan vs Muhammad Amir

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