Cricket Fans Misbehave with Shahid Afridi Daughter

Cricket Fans misbehaved with the cute daughter of Shahid Afridi at the airport. The incident was quite annoying for the former captain of the Pakistan Team. The supporters of the Pakistan had gathered there at the airport when the star Shahid Afridi came out of the lounge. Bad incident happened when one of the supporters pushed the daughter of the captain who was holding bouquet.

Cricket fans decided to go to the airport since they knew that the players were supposed to come back after the debacle in the matches. The daughter of star Shahid Afridi also wanted to receive her father at the airport but she did not know that she was given a real push by the supporters there. The little angel fell there.

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Shahid Afridi could not bear that shameful act with the little queen whom he loved so much. That incident at the airport made him angry and he could not control his anger. He jumped on to the supporters who pushed the daughter. He was really angry and was shouting that no one should have pushed his daughter.

One of the Cricket fans got the treatment from the captain and was given the lesson he deserved at airport. Shahid Afridi was able to calm down when his brother and other family members had made him understand that the daughter was feeling alright and she did not get hurt. That was the most pathetic attitude that was shown by the supporters at airport.

Such Cricket fans have been ruining the fame of the players and have been becoming cause of disrespect for the county. The star Shahid Afridi also was called by the anchor of the private news channel. The former captain was then felt sorry that he should not have been as rude to the supporter as his daughter was feeling alright after the push and did not get hurt at airport.

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