Cricket Cup Gets Won by Pakistan

Another cricket cup won by Pakistan team that consisted of some players from the national cricket team including Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Akhter, Abdul Razzaq and Yasir Arafat. The competition had other teams including Australia, England and Rest of the World eleven. The contest was quite tough that had different skill test.


Special cricket cup won by the champions in the other countries have always made difference in the energy. Same thing happened when Pakistani players including the top men from the national side snatched victory from strong candidates of England and Australia. Another team that had tremendous ability in their squad was Rest of the World 11.

Pakistan team consisted of one fast bowler and four other all-rounders. Some of them had won matches for Pakistan cricket team. The tournament started when Pakistani players including Shahid Afridi, ,Shoaib Akhter, Abdul Razzaq, Azhar Mehmood and Yasir Arafat. The competition had different parts in it.

Cricket Cup seemed to be tough for the other countries likes of England, Australia and Rest of the world eleven in great shape and form. However Pakistani players have also been playing county cricket matches so they all had the same sort of competition. At the start of the tournament all the players had to hit the wicket while bowling with the same action.

Start of the cricket cup was very difficult as Australia and England were leading the table then the Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi asked everybody to get in their rhythm otherwise they could have been kick out. Shoaib Akhter came out to be the real hero as he was the last player of the team who fought hard with England and Australia. The last competition was to hit the board with a solid throw in the given time. The last turn was to be taken by Shoaib Akhter who did not disappoint Shahid Afridi and Nation.

Shahid Afridi Wins Cricket Cup

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