Cricket Board Gets Political Pressure

Cricket board of Pakistan got the influence of Politics in the team selection. The news was broken by the journalist that Shahid Afridi was about to be expelled from the team but a political personality came in the team selection and forced the PCB to keep in captain till 2020. The news was quite surprising for the whole cricket team.

Cricket Board of Pakistan has not been out of the influence of politics and it could be figured out by the selection of the chairman of PCB. The head of the PCB has been selected by the Prime Minister of Pakistan and he was never been elected otherwise the officials of the Government might not be able to get benefits form that very post.

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For the last year or so the politics of Pakistan has ruined the structure of the cricket and it has not been over yet. Everybody knew exactly what was really going through inside the whole department. Recent news of Shahid Afridi being left out of the team for his poor performance was not liked by the office of the Prime Minister.

Cricket Board could not stay firm on their decision of dropping Shahid Afridi from the world cup squad. They had to accept the orders from the Prime Minister. The prime Minister personally liked the personality of the captain Shahid Afridi so he wanted him to be in the team as a captain. Such news of politics influencing the team and the management was criticized by lots of people.

Cricket board decided to hold an inquiry for the recent defeat in the world cup. The coach of the team Waqar Younis also submitted a report to the inquiry committee. Shahid Afridi gave a video message to the public and apologized to the nation for breaking their hopes.

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