Cricket Batsman Surprises Spectators

Cricket Batsman knew also that the umpire would call it a dead ball but he tried to enjoy the match followed the ball. The spectators thought that he did not know the ball was not a legal ball. He followed it and hit the ball in that direction to the boundary. The ball had disappeared to the boundary line. The umpire had to give it a boundary.

Cricket Batsman had to go through unusual activity in the field during a match when the spectators also got surprised to see it. The ball had been left out of the bowler’s hand by mistake and it landed out of the pitch. The umpire was going to give it a dead ball but before that it was followed by the right hander and he hit the ball very hard towards the spectators.

The rules of the sport depicted that any ball that pitched outside the pitch should be called dead ball. The spectators were really amazed that the umpire had not called any signal for that ball. The player reached to the pitch of the ball and gave it a real go. The video was shared and watched by lots of spectators on the social media.

Shot of cricket batsman had gone towards the boundary line and all the spectators started clapping as the umpire called it a boundary. Another strange shot was played by the player when the bowler had bowled after rotating his arm twice. In the first turn the bowler did not release the ball but when he completed his action he released the ball from the back of his hand. The umpire said that it was not a legal ball.

The cricket batsman was also quite surprised as the ball had gone above his head to the wicket keeper. All the players including the spectators started laughing at that funny moment. The strange ball by the right arm bowler amazed everybody including the spectators as well. The commentators were also smiling at the ball.

Strange Shot by Batsman

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