Cricket Batsman Plays Unusual Shot

Cricket batsman played an unusual shot and it looked like as if he was not in his senses. The bowler was bowling very decent line in the match but one of the deliveries was left out of his hand unintentionally. The ball was released from his hand and it got big in the air. The ball then pitched way outside the pitch and everybody knew that it would be called dead ball.

Right hand cricket batsman tried to entertain the crowd by hitting the ball that was pitched out of the pitch. The umpire was about to call it a dead ball before the right hander hit the ball to the boundary. Such shots have been played in the matches and the umpire also acted in the same way too. There was a time when this sport used to be fun loving.

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Another incident happened in a charity match when the bowler wanted to ball under arm ball that has been called illegal by the umpire and the match referee. The bowler just pretended to bowl under arm but did not leave the ball from his hand. The umpire also came up with the fun for the spectators when he showed the red card to the bowler.

Cricket Batsman also started laughing after the umpire acted in the same funny way. The spectators had real fun in that moment of the match. The spectators started having fun when the match had become boring for both the teams. Both the teams were then having fun.

Another cricket batsman was deceived by the bowler when the bowler did not release the ball while using the same classic action. The bowler rotated his arm twice but the ball had come out from the back of his hand. The umpire also got amazed so did the spectators.

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