Cricket Ball Injures 3 Players

Cricket ball injured 3 players during the match at domestic level. That incident surprised every viewer who had watched the video clip on the social media. That match was not televised on the TV so that mobile video was recorded through one of the players who had that mobile. Strange incident of injury was noticed by fans all around.

Cricket ball turned out to be scariest ball of the century. The video was shared on the social media since there was no coverage of that match. Players were really shocked to see that amazing thing when the bowler bowled. The batsman pulled his shoulder muscle while hitting. This was the first injury that happened to the batsman.

The second injury happened to be with the batsman who was at non striking end. The batsman tried to hit too hard that caused injury to his shoulder and that shot of the batsman hit the non striking end since he came between the ball and the boundary. These were the two players who got injured while the bowler also got injured.

The cricket ball then went to the fielder who tried to throw it straight to the bowler who was not giving attention to this scenario. In the mean time the fielder threw the ball that hit the head of the bowler. That was the moment that got the attention of social media when all three players including the bowler and the both batsmen got injured.

That cricket ball came out to be the surprising and the funniest thing that ever caused injury. All the players that were on the field including the umpire got worried about that incident. The video of that incident was shared then later on with the help of people who were present there in the stadium. Such incident took place for the first time.

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