Cow Lays Down for Sacrifice

Cow laid down for sacrifice when the owner was about to slaughter it on the eve of Eid festival. This was the rare incident that took the attention of so many people who were present there to see the sacrifice of the big animal. Strange incident was captured by the mobile phone and was shared on the social media. The video had gone viral all over the Muslim countries.

The cow seemed to have understood the language of the owner and he was the man who was feeding it since it bought it for the sacrifice purpose. Many sacrifices of cows have been watched on the social media through internet but nobody has watched such video that really amazed them. People were really impressed by the gestures of the owner of that animal.

Some people said that the animal did not act strange as it has been the art that made the animal lie on the floor. They said that anybody could touch that animal in a way and it would react in the same way. On the other hand the owner of the cow was very much happy with the reaction and he said that it could help him in sacrifice.

Cow Stands Up

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