County Cricket Match Gets Won by Shahid Afridi

County cricket match was won by the one and only all round cricket of the world Shahid Afridi when his team was in trouble. The match was played in the tough conditions of England and his team had lost two quick wickets on just ten runs. Shahid Afridi was sent up the order since his captain knew that he was the really danger man in the conditions of England.

County cricket match became interesting when Pakistani all rounder Shahid Afridi came down the track and started hitting boundaries. Despite of the fact that the ball was swinging around, he kept on hitting the ball in all directions. The bowlers did not have any skill to restrain him from hitting. England was one of the countries where the ball kept on moving off the pitch due to the moisture in the air.

Shahid Afridi was one of the batsmen who never cared about the swinging conditions in England. His career showed that the strike rate always remained over hundred. That was something to be noticed by the crowd in England who had gathered in the stadium just for him. Another charity match organized by the management in England when Shahid Afridi was part of it.

That county cricket match in which Shahid Afridi smashed 98 runs, had tough conditions to bat on but the all rounder took no notice of the swinging conditions. He was called for a charity match in England in which small kids also had gone to see him. As Shahid Afridi came near the boundary line, the small kids kept on going near to him so that they all could make pictures with him.

Star all rounder of county cricket match did not perform in the shorter formats for Pakistan but had also performed well in the matches played in England. He has been the real super star of all the cricket fans since Allah has blessed him with real talent and charisma. Due to his unique hitting ability, he was loved by all over people in England and all over the world.

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