Commentator Regrets as Sri Lanka Performs Bad

Commentator regretted when he said that Sri Lanka would win the match pretty comfortable. His team Sri Lanka needed only sixty six runs on ninety three balls with seven wickets in hand. The cameraman showed the expressions of the supporters of both the teams who were sitting in the stadium. Pakistani fans were praying to God for miracle and success in the match.

Commentator had to regret about the comments that he made about the result of the match that was played between Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The crowd was praying for the victory of Pakistan since Sri Lanka seemed to win the match as their batsmen were quite settled in the middle. Their big names were playing really wonderful shots all around the stadium.

The prayers of the Pakistani supporters had started to work since Shahid Afridi came back and got a wicket immediately. Shahid Afridi bowled brilliantly and never let the new batsman settle in. He was not letting the batsman of Sri Lanka to play free and take advantage of the last few over. Shahid Afridi was being backed up by the other bowlers too.

Commentator said that Pakistan might not win and the prayers might not work as Sri Lanka was very much on the winning track. Nobody knew that one of the favorite players of Pakistan cricket team would stand up and wrack the opposition. In not time Shahid Afridi was all over the players of Sri Lanka cricket team and suddenly the luck also started to go in favor of Pakistan cricket team.

Pakistani commentator asked Russell Arnold about his comments after Pakistan was able to win that thrilling contest. Shahid Afridi turned out to be the man who had changed the course of the match by taking wickets and Pakistan won the match in the end. Russell Arnold was insulted by Pakistani colleague who asked him about his comments about prayers.

Thrilling Match

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