Commentator Gets Embarrassed

Commentator got embarrassed when he had earlier said that now the prayers could not work for the Pakistan team as Sri Lanka was cruising to victory. Sri Lanka was well settled at that moment and the fans of Sri Lanka team were really happy to see them going into the victory stand. They needed 66 runs on 93 balls with seven wickets remaining.

Commentator belonged to the team who was batting and he was pretty sure that his team Sri Lanka would win it since they were pretty comfortable at that stage. They needed only 66 runs while the set batsmen were playing at that moment. Shahid Afridi decided to bowl with his full energy. Shahid Afridi was bowling very well throughout the tournament in Dubai cricket stadium.

Russell Arnold was the man who was doing commentary and when his team Sri Lanka was doing pretty well. The supporters of Pakistan cricket team were being showed on the Television in the stadium. They all were praying from God so that Pakistan could make a comeback in the match that seemed to be losing from their hands.

The commentator just said that the prayers might not work at that moment since Sri Lanka was almost winning the match. Shahid Afridi also was quite worried that the game was going in the favor of opposition but he did not lose hope and asked everybody to give his hundred percent efforts. Shahid Afridi has been a strong player who never lost hope.

After the commentator gave some comments about the result of the match, Shahid Afridi became the man who could turn the things in favor of Pakistan cricket team. Shahid Afridi bowled brilliantly and he dismissed many players of Sri Lanka. With the loss of every wicket, the hopes of Sri Lanka cricket team’s win died down. In the end God has blessed Pakistan cricket team with a victory.

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