Chris Gayle Versus Shahid Afridi

Chris Gayle and Shahid Afridi have been considered as the big hitters of the cricket ball in the history of cricket and will always be remembers. Both the cricketers have impressed the cricket fans with their hard hitting sixes and also they changed the cricketing shots. Both have been playing cricket matches in the same style and never changed it.

Chris Gayle has been playing very well in the cricket leagues all around the world while Shahid Afridi has been playing leagues only in couple of countries likes of West Indies, England and Australia. He did not play the full season for them but has been appearing in some matches which have been liked a lot by the cricketing fans.

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Shahid Afridi has been playing cricket with the same style and always kept his strike rated up as compared to the balls he faced. Same was the case with the other player of West Indies. They both participated in an interesting completion when both had to bounce the cricket ball with the beach bat. That completion was held in West Indies near the beach.

Chris Gayle started that competition by making the ball bounce for six times and thought that this would be enough for the other players. Shahid Afridi was quite confident that he could achieve the target. As he started his turn he could bounce the ball with the beach bat as many times as the West Indian opener did.

Chris Gayle and Shahid Afridi both were able to bounce the ball for six times and afterwards one of another cricketer Chanderpaul had to break their record. Chanderpaul started to do the same thing and amazingly he bounced more than them and won the competition. That unique competition was shared on the social media courtesy one of the players who was recording the video.

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