Chris Gayle Plays Like Afridi in Indian Premier League

Indian premier league came up with a surprising Chris Gayle show when he started to play brainless cricket just like Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. Chris Gayle started to hit every ball out of the park off the bowling off spinner form India. India has been producing some young cricketers who have got in to their national side. But that spinner of India was smashed hard by the champion Chris Gayle.

Commentators in Indian premier league got really excited when they watched Chris Gayle hitting like Shahid Afridi in India. The pitches of India have been batting paradise since the curator and the organizers of the league wanted the crowd to be entertained. West Indian batsman never let down his fans when they had come to see him hitting like Shahid Afridi.


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Shahid Afridi since his debut did not change is batting style of hitting sixes throughout his career of eighteen years. With the innovation of cricket shots, the modern day cricketers also have changed their batting style that was used to be liked in early days of cricket. Fans of India were really crazy about the left hander of West Indies.

Indian premier league was initiated by the board of India to organize an event that could attract fans of India and all over the world. It was a huge success and lots of other countries did try their leagues in their countries. Indian got the contracts of all the famous international players through that cricket league.

Coverage of Indian premier league has not been limited to India only but it has been televised in many countries including India. With the performance of Chris Gayle and Devilleirs of South Africa, it has got the crows entertained. The recent innings of Chris Gayle was something that the cricket fans were really waiting for quite many days.

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