Chris Gayle Mingles with Afghanistan Cricket Board

Chris Gayle mingled with Afghanistan cricket board players and they felt really good after the presentation. The celebration was really attractive for West Indies cricket team since they had already qualified for the semi finals for the world cup cricket tournament. The whole world really appreciated the activity of mingling around with the Afghanistan cricket board team.

Chris Gayle impressed every one with his fun loving personality through out his career. Afghanistan cricket board players qualified for the world cup matches and they had also played brilliant cricket in that round as well. They have been playing wonderful cricket recently and crowd all over the world was really happy to see their victory against west indies cricket team.

West indies cricket team players tried their hard to win the match but Afghanistan cricket board players were too good to be on the winning side. This was the only upset that took place in the whole world cup. West Indies cricket team had already qualified for the semi final spot and they did not have anything to lose that could hurt them.

Batting of Chris Gayle has not been that much effective in test matches and One day matches and lately he has not been found of playing that format. Due to that longer format boredom he decided to play only in shorter format of the cricket. He has been the real star of their country since nobody had ever got that much fame before him as far as hitting sixes is concerned.

Due to Chris Gayle celebration, the world cup supporters also felt really good for the spirit of the cricket. The true fans of this sport would always cherish those moments when he was wearing shirt of Afghanistan cricket board. The Afghanistan cricket board players were also enjoying the companion ship of the hard hitting batsman.

Chris Gayle Celebration With Afghanistan Team

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